Jordan Thursday

I began this amazing Thursday by retreating to the pool for the morning. I wanted to catch up on blog writing but ran into my other board director and dear friend, Dr. Erik Fisher. We sat outside under the warming sun, recalled trip highlights and fun, then prepared a strategy around our efforts in Zarqa, which would begin in the late morning.  Although we had discussed a great deal the day

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Jordan Wednesday

(pictures updated tomrw) This is (another) very special day for several incredible reasons. We started out on this beautiful morning with some of us working out with the backdrop of the sunrise over the Dead Sea.  Others lathered in mud and went floating in the water to take in this unique experience one more glorious time.  Soon, it was soon time to kick in the ArtReach work, which began

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Jordan Tues Part 2/Desert to Dead Sea Thumbnail

Jordan Tues Part 2/Desert to Dead Sea

We leave Wadi Rum and roll on out of the vast, enormous desert.  It quickly fades behind us into infinity, like it was never really there. Our eyes are now filled with  visuals of modern cars, roads and businesses.  It's a jarring feeling. Although this experience won't fade that fast. It can't. We won't let it. It's all part of journey towards orienting ourselves to the land we are visiting

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Sunday/Not Jordan

Even though it's several days gone by, I'm sharing how I felt on Sunday. I know it was felt by others... I awoke Sunday at 3a. But it wasn't Jordan. I am missing -the land and their people -the sweet @SusanAnderson , whose passion and energy around something so beneficial, resonates across all who are near her -her husband Jim's engaging personality, support for Susan and rich

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Jordan 2012 Tuesday Thumbnail

Jordan 2012 Tuesday

(written on buses and cars and walks, so plz excuse typos or grammar mistakes) We drive to Wadi Rum, the expansive desert made more famous by Lawrence of Arabia's exploits in the area. We board jeeps to drive into the big sand pit. We line up caravan style and are off. Amjad is our driver as we head into the desert. I was slow to get his humor. He pointed out the road signs for camel

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Jordan Day 2 Monday

Monday. We had a very pleasant ride on our way seaward towards Aqaba and Petra.  Petra is an astonishing site. It's hard to describe the experience which unrolls as you walk through the thin path where you are  dwarfed on both sides by red rock that climbs 250 feet or so high and then your met by extraordinary beauty as you reach the structures carved out of limestone thousands of years ago.

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Jordan 2012. Day 1 Sunday

(minor blog caveat) Please excuse typos and imperfect grammar from the field.  Sunday  I awoke this Sunday morning in Amman,Jordan and instantly,yet subtly had the feeling I'm part of something amazingly special. We are here in this amazing city on behalf of the ArtReach foundation and all the great alliances they made in the region. I wonder how this day will unfold.    I am quickly

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ArtReach in Jordan PreFlight Mental Prep

I'm leaving the ATL busy streets, which were lined with mini vans and convertibles for a trip across the waters. Soon I will be inside the new international terminal and begin the mental transformation opening myself to a beneficial experience in the beautiful country of Jordan. I am honored to represent the ArtReach Foundation and join extrodinary people as they make a difference in people's

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Establishing Connection

Dear Readers, My original plan for this closing note on our inaugural ArtReach Middle East Institute programs was to summarize the highlights, tell you what lies ahead, and ask you for contributions!  However, my plan became redundant after reading Christopher’s “ArtNotes from the Field” and particularly his last blog dated 7/6/2010. Christopher’s thoughts have perfectly captured

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01Jul10 @ 1230JST, The Sound of Silence

Sitting on the patio of the Bonita Inn following check out, I am trying to process what just happened. Calls to prayer are resonating throughout every neighborhood in Amman right now by way of the loudspeakers positioned on the mosque minarets. Cool Amman nights have been replaced by a moderate heat which, although humidity-free, does not keep those sweat droplets from gathering at inconvenient

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